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is an all-in-one online music program data management center. Through the use of My Music Office, you will find yourself doing less busywork during your planning period and having more time to plan for your students and their musical experiences.

Most database programs are designed with big businesses in mind. They are hard to learn and even more difficult to customize to the needs of the average music educator. The difference between this and other computer applications is that it was designed by a music educator specifically for music educators.

Each and every template and database in My Music Office was designed from scratch specifically to aid the music educator in organizing their program. Whether it is your student data, music library, instrument inventory, uniforms, lockers, or more...My Music Office is the solution.

Use our Live Demo Account to see My Music Office in action.

With this system being designed by a practicing music educator, each feature has been designed specifically for your needs.

Database Management
  • Student Contact Information - Allows you to keep your student's information current and always available.
  • Music Library - Allows you to find, sort, organize, and search through your music will ease.
  • Instrument Inventory - Organize your assets by using a database customized to collect all the information that you need to know about your instruments.
  • Uniform and Locker Assignments - Be able to find which student was assigned to which uniform and locker at any time.
  • Database Importing - This allows a user that already has a database or spreadsheet created to be able to import that data directly into our system. Why enter data twice?
  • Database Exporting - This allows a user to export the data in our system to any common database, word processing, or spreadsheet program through the use of a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file.
Student Financial Accounts
  • Student Financial Information - Have up-to-date student financial information available.
  • Easy Student Billing - Assign fees to selected students and even e-mail notifications to parents.
  • View Balance From Home - By logging in with their Family Access Account, parents can now view and print their financial statements from home.
Family / Booster Access
  • Family Access - Allow your families to view/edit contact information as it changes and view financial statements without having to contact you.
  • Booster/Volunteer Access - Allow your Music Boosters or Volunteers access to view and update the data within your MMO account. You can choose which areas they can help you with and which they are not able to view.
Trips and Communication
  • Make Trips Easier - Use the data collected in your databases to easier construct and print bus and rooming lists without retyping all the students' names through the ability to download your information into a database or spreadsheet program of your choice. Setup assigning fees for trips in the Financial Accounts area.
  • Constant Communication - Be able to email or text message all or select students or families through our system. No need to use third-party email software and it can be done from any network because it is through our online system.

One of the most unique aspects of My Music Office is the flexibility of the Pricing Levels. Knowing that school finances and music budgets are up and down as often as the temperature, we are here to make our services as affordable as possible for everyone.

All of our Pricing Levels are for unlimited usage. There are no limits to how often you or any of your families use any parts of our system. We are here to make your lives easier.

Andante Pricing Level - $199 per year subscription. This package is designed to give you the flexibility of a year-by-year purchasing option. We understand that not all programs are able to put forth the finances for a multi-year contract.

Allegro Pricing Level - $499 for a 3 year subscription. This package allows a music program to save money in a 3-year plan. This also takes out the responsibility of the director to have to renew the service each and every year.

Vivace Pricing Level - $799 for a 5 year subscription. This package allows for the most savings as you are receiving $200 off the year-by-year price. This gives you 5 years for the price of only 4. This also takes out the responsibility of the director of have to renew the service each and every year.

Remember, your can also use My Music Office free for 30 days at no risk to you. If you like it, you can subscribe anytime during that 30 days. Also, a 30-day Free Trial comes with every purchase, if you are not satisfied with My Music Office for any reason, you can cancel your subscription within the first 30-days and receive a full refund. Subscribe Now.

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